Fatcow Scam, Fat Cow Sucks, a review.
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Dick Detering
Best regards from Dick Detering, one of Linux Hosts Inc. many happy customers.

Fatcow Problems.

    Fatcow Issue number 1: Downtime And Slow Website.

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    Fatcow is a rip off. If you like downtime and a slow web site, then Fatcow is for you. What else can you expect when the price is so low? Fat Cow promises unlimited hosting, however the problem is that they simply can't afford it. Maybe if many people started donating money, they could put up some more servers? They are constantly having maintenance issues. What a sucking service.

    Fatcow Issue number 2: No Domain Name For One Year

    And it's not possible to register a domain for one year (unless the domain name is more than twenty bucks), because you have to spend a minimum of $20. Not any other similar company has this policy. All of them allow you to spend less if, for example, you need a domain name only. It indicates clearly that this business is not financially stable. It's actually a warning that should make visitors steer away from them immediately.

    Fatcow Problem number 3: Bad Support

    Their technical support is also not good. I assume that their salaries are too low for professional support representatives or maybe they outsource support to a low salary country? Anyway, stay away from Fatcow. After hosting with Fatcow Sucks for 6 months, I switched to another host. I have been hosting with this new web hosting provider since January 2010. For me it seems as if the owners are multi billionaires. Anything is possible. Always upgrading without charging their clients. Never down, fast web site loading time, instant and professional support, too much to mention here. And what's more, every year they implement improvements without charging more hosting fee. To name a few free improvements the provider has implemented: more RAM, regular security updates, a new superior Control Panel which is better than CPanel, latest PHP etc. Oh, I almost forget to mention the most important fact: they have the lowest account cancellation!

    This is an Actual customer story submitted by Linda Cardellinia - Massachusetts.
rip off

    My conclusion.

    The crappy company Fat Cow gives you down time and a slow loading website. The price is simply too low for quality hosting. The horrible company promises unlimited hosting, however the problem is that the shit host simply cannot pay the expenses. They constantly have technical complications. The expression "you get what you pay for" is relevant to this terrible company that is pissing off so many customers. There are so many people who hate them. When searching for the exact keyword phrase "fatcow scam" in Google, the number of search results is about 1,640. When searching in Google for the exact keyword phrase "fatcow sucks" the number of search results is about 43,200. There are too many customers complaining about this company. Fortunately I have never opened an account with this screwing business. The reason for this is that, in my opinion, the crazy name of the crap company actually is a pre-indication that you are dealing with a weird service provider. I mean, why are they using the name of a stupid animal out of shape? Is that because they are stupid and out of shape themselves? I hate the name. However, most people don't see it that way, probably because they are brainwashed by the many advertisements this miserable company places online. Anyway, it's never too late, let alone impossible, to switch to better services. There are many good choices out there. Simply keep your eyes open and you'll find the provider that really meets all your needs. The only advantage is that they are "powered by 100% wind energy" as they say on their homepage, which makes me immediately think why it doesn't say "100% powered"? I assume it means that their green initiatives are only partly implemented and not for the full 100%. Talking about advantages, on the other hand we now know what the disadvantages are, so it would be better to stay away from them. As with many articles, this one is also not waterproof. After all, any firm, no matter how bad, can always improve its services later on and this is also valid for the firm we are talking about here. Finally, may I invite you to read the banner at the top of this page? It points to an excellent provider that has the lowest customer cancellation rate! That's all for now and thanks for dropping by!

    Dick Detering
    Best regards from Dick Detering.
    I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that there are still people who dare to promote them. Watch this video of one of the many cheaters reviewing them:

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