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Infographic of Blue Host's disadvantages

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Dick Detering
Best regards from Dick Detering, one of Linux Hosts Inc. many happy customers.

    Bluehost Problems Analysis.

      Blue Host Problem #1: CPU Limits

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      Bluehost Sucks. A couple of days after I started hosting with this provider I noticed performance issues, combined with messages that displayed every 15 minutes, informing me that I was exceeding their CPU limits. So I made some modifications to resolve this issue. Since my websites are dynamic, I built in a cache to ensure that unchanged parts of the site were saved into cache files. Although this was a good move, the problem persisted.

      Bluehost Issue #2: Bad Support

      After many unsuccessful attempts to decrease the CPU usage I contacted the Bluehost support team. After 2 hours on International hold I spoke to a lady who told me that the issue was due to a software problem. I believed her. However, my hosting account continued to be plagued with unreliability issues. At times the site would simply time out for unknown reasons. Bluehost sucks, for me it's a scam.

      Bluehost Problem #3: Outdated.

      Later I discovered that the provider is using an outdated server setup. I found an article in the company's knowledgebase that describes that they implemented a 20 processes limit. This weird limitation was the cause. The fact that they don't display this limitation on their homepage is commercial fraud. Bluehost is a sucking service.

      Blue Host Issue #4: Not Unlimited At All.

      Finally the Bluehost Team decided to pull out the plug and they even didn't tell me. This is the most unprofessional behavior I have seen from a web hosting provider and it is nothing more than a scam. After talking about the issue of unlimited space with a support representative, I finally got the answer I needed: "It's not really unlimited, because not many customers need as much space as you". So what she actually said is that they claim unlimited space with the intention to lure people like me into giving them a credit card. Need I say more? Anyway, since I'm hosting with someone else the issue never came back. I am very happy with my new host and I'll never leave them.

      This is an actual customer story submitted by Harold Trunkers - Australia.
rip off

    My conclusion

    As we can see in this evaluation, the shit host decided to cancel the customer's hosting account and they did not even inform their customer about this. They screwed their client who, of course, felt pissed off. This is horrible behavior the account holder had never seen before. After talking about unlimited space with a representative, he finally got the answer he expected that the account was not without limits, because not many clients need the webspace as was required by him. So what the cheater actually said is that they offer unlimited web space with the intention to convince people into opening an account. My personal experience with them is also crappy, although it has nothing to do with exceeding space or bandwidth limits. At that time I was still a beginning webmaster. I didn't know much about website development. Due to my own lack of knowledge and skills, I ran into trouble several times. My frustration and hate however, was the fact that the technical support crap was never able to help me out. This is only one out of the many terrible stories related to this miserable provider. When you go online and you enter the relevant keywords, you will be shocked by the experiences of so many other dissatisfied clients and ex-customers. The thing with this kind of businesses is that they have a huge advertising budget. This means that, one way or another, you will always be confronted with this company. The art of the game is to simply ignore this, to run away from all the convincing ads, and to go your own way because you deserve the best one for your business. The only advantage I can think of is the fact that this company will not go bankrupt because it's a big company. However, I assume that the disadvantage is sufficiently described in this article. I realize that this document is not waterproof because, no matter how bad a company is, they can always improve their services at a later time. Let's hope that this will happen in the near future. In the meantime this firm is not recommended. Finally, may I invite you to read the infographic at the top of this page? It points to a real professional provider. Thanks for reading this Bluehost scam review and good luck!

    Dick Detering
    Best regards from Dick Detering.
    If you like you can watch this deceiver reviewing them in below video:

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