Godaddy Scam, Go Daddy Sucks, a review
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Dick Detering
Best regards from Dick Detering, one of Linux Hosts Inc. many happy customers.

    Godaddy Problem #1: Security Issues

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    GoDaddy Sucks. Soon after I became a customer of this web hosting company, I realized that this web hosting provider was the wrong choice. I should never have hosted my Wordpress site with this web host. I concluded this when my blog started showing security issues. I immediately downloaded all of my files to my computer and started scanning them. It appeared that all my php files had suspicious coding as if they were infected by malware. I cleaned every file and uploaded them by overwriting all the existing ones. Then I checked my error logs. My Wordpress version was the latest and my FTP password was very strong. I couldn't find anything that might have caused this problem.

    Go Daddy Issue #2: Bad Support

    Suddenly, after a few days, the same problem popped up. The RSS feed page of my blog wasn't working. This was strange since I hadn't touched my site at all since the last cleanup. All my files were infected again by the same malware. I submitted a support ticket to the company, explaining everything, but received a response like "We were unable to find any issue on your site, make sure you are not running an outdated version of software" etc. This is the Godaddy scam.

    Many Godaddy Victims On The Web.

    When I started searching for reviews on the Web about this issue, there were many others with the same Godaddy problem. I did not receive any professional response from the Go Daddy team, even after it was clear that the malware was on their servers. This sucking web host didn't even investigate it. Later I heard that they outsource their support to a third world country. This is the notorious Go Daddy Scam! This was a good reason for me to switch to another host. These new guys are awesome. Low pricing, cheap domain names, very professional support, an intuitive interface and great scripts. Honestly, I am more than happy with them. Best support in the world. It looks as if all their support representatives are software engineers. Last but not least they have the lowest customer cancellation rate!

    This is an Actual customer story submitted by John Singh - California
    The rip-off

    My conclusion

    When the customer googled about this crap issue, there were many other victims with the same or similar security problems. He did not receive professional responses from this shit company, even after it became clear that the real problem was the company's miserable web server setup. Many clients hate GoDaddy for not investigating urgent issues that need an immediate resolution. Later the customer heard that this screwing hosting service probably outsources its support department to low salary countries. On the other hand, personally I never had a security issue with this crappy service but apparently others had and still have. My personal experience is based on unreliable support from cheaters who don't know much about what they are doing. I don't remember anymore how often I have heard the following standard reply from them: "We have investigated your questions and have come to the conclusion that the technical flaw is not on our end. Please contact your developer to resolve the matter". In other words they say: "It's your own fault and we are not going to help you out just for the reason that you are stupid. We are too smart for this kind of nonsense so please don't bother us unless you can prove that we have done something wrong". In most cases they don't consider themselves responsible for a solution. In other words, technical support is being refused. I was so pissed off! I was also regularly confronted with replies that had nothing to do with the subject. An example is that, one time, I lost the connection with my data base. The answer was that they did not experience any down time. I didn't even mention the word downtime. When you lose your database connection your site is still online. Unbelievable that they don't know such basic principles. The company outsources support abroad and pays their reps salaries below the industry standards. That's how they can keep their prices low. They compensate this by upselling and advertising as much as they can. The best thing you can do is cancel your account at this cheating business if you happen to have an account with them. If you don't have an account with this terrible company, then I congratulate you and it would be better to look further. There are so many good providers, that, if you really investigate it by reading the opinions of others, it should not be too difficult to find the service that offers exactly what you need. Godaddy is bad. But, to be truly honest, Godaddy's advantages are its low pricing and the fact that it's a huge company in terms of total number of domains hosted, which makes the chance that the firm goes bankrupt practically nihil, unless there would be a worldwide consumer boycott which I would like to see. However, for the rest I can only see disadvantages and they greatly outweigh the two advantages that are mentioned above. Last but not least I would like to emphasize that the conclusions of this article are not waterproof because the company might change its technical support system in the future and also their server setup. However, as long as that doesn't happen, it probably would be better to skip them. Finally, may I invite you to click the infographic at the top of this page? If you do that you will discover the opposite of the firm we have been talking about here! Thanks for reading and good luck!

    Update 1.

    There are rumours that EIG is interested in taking over the cheating GoDaddy business. EIG stands for Endurance International Group. The goal of this investment Group is to buy as many hosting services as possible. Once they acquire a new company, EIG starts saving on salaries and cutting down expenses on infrastructure such as buildings and web servers. The end result is that the services deteriorate. It is for this reason that providers that are under EIG's umbrella all have, without exception, a bad reputation. If ever the host is acquired by this deplorable business, you will experience even worse Go Daddy problems than ever before. May this serve as a warning in case you are planning to start using GoDaddy's services.

    Update 2

    As you can see below, lately more and more people are complaining on Twitter about spamming by web designers after purchasing hosting or a domain name from GoDaddy. Apparently the company has started selling personal information of its own clients such as email addresses and phone numbers to web design companies. After all, it's not about providing good services, no, it's all about the money. So be warned!!

    Update 3

    From now on customers can reach the Technical Support Department only through phone. The average waiting time seems to be more than an hour if you're lucky enough to get through. The service provider has removed its support ticketing system and Live Chat is mostly offline. It looks as if the company's support system is getting worse instead of improving. I hope that this review about GoDaddy's services was useful to you. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or a contribution to this review.
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