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Keep your eyes wide open before committing yourself and try to find out what is the company's customer satisfaction rate.

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While searching on the Web for cheap US hosting review documents, I noticed that most of these sites are written by professionals specialized in the technical aspects of web hosting. So, my first impression was trustworthiness. However, there was nothing spontaneous in their writings, just a cool summary of technical jargon. It surprised me that I hardly found opinions written by customers themselves with first hand experience which would be something I can trust. After a while I realized that, if only the pieces written by knowledgeable people are ranking in the top search results, it means that they must have had the assistance of SEO experts. Now I understand why the search results for the term affordable US web hosting opinions only produces the results that I saw. And that's not good because all these sites earn money, either because they are affiliates or they charge hosting companies for advertising on their popular websites. My recommendation here is to skip all these results because they are biased, one-sided, not impartial at all and therefore not trustworthy. And I know for a fact that the web hosting providers that pay the highest advertising expenses or commissions, are always ranking in the top of review sites. This makes them not reliable so it's better to skip them as much as possible. The same is valid for comparison documents. Just don't believe them and go your own way so you can find honest stories. See the video below.

Web host reviews written by American customers.

While digging deeper, I noticed that I found some more evaluations and experiences by customers that seemed to be real. However, what I missed in many opinions were details such as dates, how many years they had been a customer, when they canceled their account if it was cancelled, was it a WordPress blog or another kind of site, names of support personnel, more detailed technical information on the issues they had experienced etc. More and more I started to get the idea that these personal experiences were also fake ones. Could it be that hosting businesses pay for fabricated reviews in order to lure more clients into opening an account with them? Some more research unfortunately confirmed my suspicion. The experiences I had been reading about, were of the same low value as the reviews written by so-called experts. Check the image below for an example of a company asking for client stories.

someone online, asking for phantom reviews

Solution on how to find low priced website hosting reviews in the US.

And now the question is of course: if expert evaluations, comparisons and customer opinions are not truthful, then what can be trusted? Is there a waterproof way to find out what the best hosting service is for my personal needs and/or technical requirements? Should I just ignore all the counterfeit information that can be found online and choose a provider with a website that looks good combined with low pricing and then just see how it goes, hoping that my guess was correct? This is the easiest way but simultaneously and obviously a possible road to disaster such as incompetent support and downtime.

Part of the solution is that you simply should never search for the opinions of others and for comparisons because at least 75 percent of them are fake. You should however also not follow the easy way and simply choose the first company that crosses your path on the Internet. So, then what is the best and most reliable method to find that ideal service? The best action you can perform in my opinion is to select preferably a few smaller hosting companies and subsequently test them. Test them by asking difficult technical questions and see how fast or slow or correct or incorrect their answer is. Compare features and try to find out how complete and true they are. See to it that their offers are not only shared plans since a company with such a limited offering cannot be taken seriously. The host should at least also offer VPS, semi dedicated servers, dedicated packages and managed hosting servers. And 24/07/365 support should be included as well as Live Chat. Only these kind of complete services can be considered as professional and they will be indispensable to you in case you need to upgrade your plan. My own web host meets all the requirements as mentioned above thereby defining the ideal company. I have been with them for many years and will always be loyal to them, and that is the truth! You can find them by going to the blue banner at the top of this page. Good luck in your search for low-cost US web hosting reviews!
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