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Take a very good look at the company before deciding anything!
Take a very good look at the company before deciding anything!

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Did you know that there are about 10,000,000 active web hosts in the world? And did you know that most of them are resellers? Buying a hosting plan from a reseller is basically a good idea. They usually sell exactly the same web hosting plans as the company they work for, but, they do that at a lower price. After all, the overhead expenses of resellers are much lower than the costs of operating the original company. A web hosting company has to acquire at least one data center, rent an office, purchase equipment and hire personnel. A reseller can operate without all these expenses. This means that a web hosting service doesn't need to be high priced in order to give reliable quality. A cheap package can be as good as one that breaks your wallet. The art of the game is to find the most ideal plan both in terms of quality and price. This means that, when you are looking for a web host online, you should skip the top search results in the search engines. After all, it are the original, expensive companies that are ranking in the top results, since they are spending a lot of money hiring search engine optimization experts. Most of them are more expensive than their own resellers. On the other hand, some of them seem to be cheaper, but, if that's the case, there's a good chance that their web servers are overloaded with too many customers or their attractive offer is only temporary and intended to lure you into a contract that becomes more expensive later on. So, the cheaper and often more reliable resellers can be found lower in the search results. So, finding one of them, will cost you more time and energy. But, isn't that mostly the case, when we try to acquire top quality at a lower price? Anyway, by sacrificing more time and effort than usually, in other words by digging deeper in the search engine results, we found our current website hosting provider, Linux Hosts Inc. in 2003. They offer superior plans at much lower prices than the parent company they are working for, while the parent company sells exactly the same services! And their technical support is better as well. Just try them out and we are sure you'll be more than satisfied. We love our host!

The details.

Plans start at $5.95 a month. This is a shared hosting plan which means that you share the web server with other customers of the same company. One of the advantages of our web host is that they never put too many customers on the same web server. So your uptime and website loading speed are always guaranteed. Our host also permanently monitors what is happening on their servers, so if a customer is spamming for example, the account can be terminated to protect the other clients on the same web server. Technical support of our website hosting service is superior compared to many other similar US businesses. Not only their response time is very fast, also the company's problem resolution time is lightning outperforms all its competitors. Most issues, if there are any, are resolved by these IT experts, in just a few minutes. If you need help transferring your website, email and data bases to their web servers, they will do that for you if you want, without charging a penny. The company's Hepsia control panel is an in-house developed product. It offers a very advanced interface with fast loading speed, super easy navigation, quick controls, context help sections and live chat. Some features of the cheapest shared plan are: unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, 5 MySQL data bases, unlimited FTP, maximum 100 email accounts, daily backups, and free VPN access. Then there are also other web hosting packages of course: the Business edition of $6.95 a month with 5 hosted domains, a maximum of 500 email accounts, and 20 data bases, the Corporate plan of $9.95 a month with everything unlimited and the Enterprise Plan of $12.95 a month with even more extras for those who need it. Then there is the OpenVZ VPS package from $15 a month. It is based on the newest Open Source Technology which means that it is continuously being updated. But there are more choices when it comes to VPS. For example, their Virtuozzo VPS of $18.95 gives more SSD data storage and higher memory for your sites and applications. You will get the full CPU speed and ten times faster backups. Also, you can add more RAM or upgrade your virtual server when you want. An operating system can be picked up from the start. Full root-level access allows you to install any kind of software. The Managed VPS Services can help you with the management of your VPS from A-Z. You should really take a look at our web host's website to see how many more VPS deals they offer, which actually means that there's always a plan that perfectly suits your needs. Last, but not least, our hosting provider offers different semi-dedicated and dedicated web servers with all kinds of customization and enhancement possibilities. Just take a look at the company's site and discover how much better their semi-dedicated and dedicated plans are compared to others. We don't know how they do it, but pricing is from $28.45 a month, which really is a bottom price for this kind of web servers.

A very special USA web hosting company.

One of the special characteristics of our hosting provider is their very low cancellation rate which is below 1 percent. We believe that this is much lower than many other similar companies. Most providers report cancellation percentages ranging from 5 to 10 percent. Our host's low cancellation rate doesn't surprise us at all. It is well known that most cancellations occur within the first month. During this initial period our hosting company is so helpful, fast and skilled that it's almost impossible not to start loving them immediately. This high loyalty level simply makes clients stay with the company forever. Another aspect that distinguishes Linux Hosts Inc. from others is the high percentage of referrals. Last year the customer referral rate surpassed all expectations. It was more than 14 percent which says something about the quality that is being offered. Most other hosting services have a referral rate of 1 percent or less.

Switching to your new provider.

Some of you may need a host for the first time. If that's the case, we would say: just try it out for 1 month at no risk and discover how good your choice and how helpful Linux Hosts Inc. is for beginners. There is a thirty day no questions asked 100 percent Money Back Guarantee. Others may have reasons to change provider and that's a much more difficult decision. It's not easy to switch to another company, especially if you have been with your current host for a long time. During such a relationship, you even get more or less used to issues you may have experienced. You have to be courageous to take the step. But, don't worry. As said before, you can try out your new account for 1 month without losing a penny and our wonderful hosting service also offers all the help you need when making the transfer from your old to your new servers. You can even request them to do all the work for you, which means that you can just sit back and relax while they are working for you for free! Visit our host now!

Where can you find them?

The number of Internet users has grown considerably in recent years. The number of hosting providers grew accordingly. Increasingly competitive hosting companies try to differentiate themselves in the market in many ways. The result is that you as consumer are often overwhelmed by the many hosting deals with technical terms and recommendations flying around. If you are looking for a service, it is important not to get distracted by all those details, but to focus on what is really important.


Almost every provider offers complete packages. The content of such standard plans has been compiled by the providers themselves or by third parties. This creates a clear range, where each user chooses the package that best suits his or her needs. Most packages consist of disk space for storage of the website on the server and POP3 e-mail addresses. Some providers offer separate software to manage the website or technical facilities such as a daily backup. Be always selective and look at what you really need. You do not need 100 MB of disk space when you want to create a website for your local football club. If in doubt, consult the provider.

The final choice.

Finding a suitable host among the large number of providers is not an easy job. Apparently there is not much difference between the providers themselves. Also, there seems hardly any difference between the services offered by those companies, all services have more or less the same specifications. So these businesses compete mainly on price. The experience of the provider and the real quality of the services he offers his clients are usually not visible on their homepage or their brochure. Some of these Internet-businesses have seen their reputation deteriorate due to an incompetent helpdesk. Of course, they will never tell you about that!

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